Client Results


Offer in Compromise

One client who owed the IRS over $60,000 in back taxes was able to settle her debt for only $25,000. 

IRS Audit

We successfully represented a client in an IRS audit, resulting in the client owing the IRS $0, not the $18,000 the IRS claimed.  

Notice of Intent to Levy

A client owed over $35,000 in back taxes from several years ago, and the IRS sent the client a Notice of Intent to Levy. We were able to prevent the IRS from placing the Levy and less than a year later, the old tax debts have expired and the IRS can no longer collect the taxes. 

Unfiled Tax Returns

A business owner got a tax bill from the IRS for over $50,000 for 3 years of back taxes, penalties, and interest because he had unfiled tax returns. Once the returns are filed, the amount owed will be minimal. 

Installment Agreement

Another client owed over $12,000 in IRS taxes. We were able to set up an installment agreement for less than $170 per month.

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